Massage Services

Our therapists are both nationally certified and licensed by the State of Nebraska. They offer a variety of different massages and body treatments. All services are customized to your specific needs. Whether you have specific areas that need that special attention, or you just need a little stress relief in your life. All therapists apply pressure at different levels. Please don’t be afraid to ask for more or less pressure.

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Mini Massage $  77.00
This massage begins with a complimentary steam and shower and is for those with a chronic problem area or want an introductory massage. The 25 minute massage allows the therapist to work specific muscle groups as requested by you.
Full Body Massage $110.00
This massage gives your body restoration and relaxation. It begins with a complimentary steam and shower. You’ll receive a 55 minute massage including head, neck, shoulders, back, and front and back of legs and arms with the degree of pressure specific to your needs.
Mega Massage $165.00
The extra time allotted with this 85 minute massage allows the therapist to thoroughly work specific areas as directed by the client. It also, allows the time needed for the client to relax in addition to the prior steam and shower.
Hot Stone Massage $188.00
Your therapist will strategically place and massage you with heated basalt stones, leaving a deep penetrating heat to relax your mind and soul. This 85 minute massage is great for people with arthritis, fibromyalgia and poor circulation as well as the regular spa client.


Salt Glow $88.00
Give your entire body a healthy glow. Great for both men and women to transform dull, dry skin into skin that’s soft and smooth. It begins with a brisk invigorating dry brushing of the skin followed by a specially formulated exfoliation scrub. Next, into our steam and shower and you’ll feel like new.



Salt Therapy  
Enjoy the benefits of our new luxurious Halotherapy Himalayan Salt Room. Halotherapy is 100% safe, natural and healthy. It improves breathing and achieves symptomatic relief from respiratory and skin ailments, helps strengthen the immune system, and improves lung function by stimulating the body’s internal processes.
25-30 Minute sessions $ 40.00
Couples Massage  
A unique experience to share with your friend or significant other. This massage starts off with a separate aromatherapy steam and shower followed by a full body massage leaving you both relaxed and rejuvenated.
55 Minute                            (per massage) $126.00
85 Minute                            (per massage) $181.00
Pregnancy Massage $110.00
A gentle massage which provides a much needed relaxation. With the expertise of the therapist and use of a custom designed table this 55 minute treatment helps to relieve stress, relax displaced muscles and help reduce edema.
Hydrotherapy Tub $  64.00
Discover the role water plays in this therapeutic experience. The 64 air and water jets are an excellent treatment for circulatory conditions, muscular problems, stress and pure relaxation. Your therapist will also give you an even deeper under water massage with a pressure hose for extra sore muscles.